Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in North America. In Australia, it is now about noon Friday, so Thanksgiving holiday is drawing to a close and the biggest shopping day is imminent. So there will be bargains and specials over the coming days. Use the links to find what you want at a fantastic price!

May You Live in Interesting Times?

It may be the title an old proverb, but it seems to apply to whatever we are doing.

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Is Your Coffee Burning your hand?

I was in my local Gloria Jeans having a nice cappuchino the other day. Have you ever noticed their logo?

gloria jeans Logo
gloria jeans Logo

It is someone holding a steaming hot coffee in the palm of their hand. Now if you have ever held a hot beverage this way, you will soon drop it or¬†want to put it down FAST….
That is why mugs and cups have finger grips; so you can pick them up without burning yourself.

So watch out for the GJ logo. It might be tempting you to get a coffee, but do not burn your hand!